About Us


Menocal International Training is a family owned and operated company, which specializes in firearms training. Our objective is to provide our students with the necessary skills in a easy to understand core based training system, creating good muscle memory. This training is offered to law enforcement, federal agents, security professionals and private citizens through a more practical training approach based on today’s world we live in. Our core of instructors are retired and active law enforcement “SWAT” personnel. All of our courses are set up in progressive intervals building the students skills from beginner to advanced. Here at Menocal International Training we feel this is a very effective approach in training that should be covered for the vast majority of second amendment supporters. Then it’s up to the student that has graduated from these tiered levels of training to continue applying those learned techniques and skills in order to maintain a high level of proficiency with their firearm of choice. View our Training courses for complete details.